Partner Program Overview 
Together, You Win. 
CSG's Partner Program is an innovative collaborated program that helps our partners to meet and exceed business goals by providing valuable sales, technical, business and marketing support. 

Benefits & Resources

The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need.


Marketing Tools

An opportunity to work together to promote a shared solution -- for example a co-branded product or piece of content. With the partner portal, both companies can promote this offer, and share the results with each other.

Sales Tools

Sales enablement is a powerful tool to increase sales and drive business growth. This portal provides a toolkit that supports and advances sales conversations to assist in the growth of our businesses. 

LEAD Submission

Enables partners to submit leads and use this functionality to track the status of their sales leads.

Training & Support

Get up to speed and become a sales expert on CSG solutions with the partner training and learning program.